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Sustainable sourcing: HOW it WORKS and how we give back



By carefully sourcing the ingredients and materials for our products, we can make sure that we’re preserving the earth and life on it. All while setting a standard for best practice in rum production.
One of the main ingredients that makes our rums taste so good is molasses, a luscious, dark syrup derived from refining sugar cane or sugar beets. This natural elixir creates a rich and multifaceted flavour, elevating the depth and character of our rums. Read on to learn more about how we source it and our other ingredients.


Our suppliers play a crucial part in the sourcing and production of our rum. 
As sourcing is one of our four sustainability pillars, it’s important that we 
extend our initiatives to the land we work with.

In 2013, we set a 10-year goal for 100% of the sugarcane in our Caribbean rum to be sustainably sourced. We achieved this goal three years ahead of target by only working with sugarcane suppliers that are certified by organisations like Bonsucro to be from a responsible source. Bonsucro is a global organisation that qualifies local suppliers who grow sugarcane safely and sustainably.

As a founding member and continuing partner of Bonsucro, we’re committed 
to making sugarcane growth as environmentally friendly as possible. By working with suppliers who safeguard biodiversity and soil health, and who look after their staff, we can ensure we’re nurturing the earth and the people working on it.

“Our Caribbean rum is made with 100% sustainably sourced sugarcane.”


Responsible sourcing doesn’t just stop at growing. We make sure that our sugarcane is milled according to best practices, and that human rights and labour conditions are put first.

We’ve put plans in place to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved. This includes a strict no-child-labour policy, zero discrimination, and health and safety measures that have led to an 18% reduction in accidents at mills and a 38% reduction at farms. Plus, we’re proud to provide living wages that are 21% 
above the national minimum wage.

We also get more from our sugarcane than just molasses for our rum. We’re able 
to derive energy from it which can then be used in transportation, bioplastics, and bio-packaging. Helping us to do more with less.


The enjoyment of rum isn’t just about the product itself. It’s about knowing 
that we have enriched the lives of those we work with to source our ingredients – and beyond.

In partnership with one of our suppliers in El Salvador, we help divert a percentage 
of revenue from sustainably sourced molasses to fund life-changing initiatives in sugarcane communities.

Take Water 10, a project that supplies portable water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education to two schools. As a result, over 600 people now have access to vital clean water, the essence of life for all of our spirits – and for all people on earth.


We’ve always set high goals, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! We know there’s more to do in sourcing, so here’s our plan:

We want all raw materials to come from eco-friendly suppliers, not just the molasses in our Caribbean rum. We’ll make sure every bit of paper and board for shipping and labels has the FSC®, PEFC, or FSI stamp of approval. Our product packaging? 100% recyclable! And we’re cutting down on single-use plastic by making 40% of our packaging from recycled materials. Our ultimate goal is going completely 
plastic-free by 2030.

Magaly Feliciano Lozada, our Global Sustainability Director, is dedicated to driving this environmental stewardship and ensuring that every step of the journey from field to bottle to cocktail, respects and cares for the environment.

BACARDÍ Global Sustainability Director, Magaly Feliciano Lozada

“Doing the right thing means we 
care about the lifecycle of 
our products. 
It’s just the beginning of 
this journey.”

Magaly Feliciano Lozada, Global Sustainability Director